Friday, March 14, 2014

Gambling with Chase systems is a false hood and lies ...

Start right here all chase systems say you win money using them but heres one guy over at one forum that says his chase system is 2461 and 0 which right there is a lie because Chase systems are in effect after a loss you have to double your wager in next game or bet to make a profit heres his posts. 117 days and counting until. The unleashing of the worlds greatest system, 2641-0 so far, still backchecking. see you May 2 The Hat

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that's first thread he created Title 117 days and counting you can find this thread here Click here new thread he started on 3/14 GREATEST SYSTEM EVER Results for past 5 years!

OK why make a second post about the same system you posted about in 1st one? Heres the problem he covers up the losses by only saying that most games were won in game 1 or game 2 of each chase with a very high 84% win rate? SO this means YOU lost 16% of wagers. Also The system dosen't pick which teams you bet on and why or how.

Therefore YOU need to follow the system creators picks and now he is nothing more than a tout HE refuses to show why he picks games for MLB be it a favorite or a DOG which means you risk more money on favorites like this - 150 to win 100 or 100 to win 140 if you took the dog team in that game!

HERES why chase systems will burn you fast they do not use Money management because it will require you to bet more than half your bankroll on the 4th game after a 3 chase loss like this just using flat even odds 100 to win 100 game 1 Lose 100 game 2 lose 200 game 3 lose 400 stop right here you are now minus $700 and now to win just 1 unit on fourth game you need to bet $800 and if you started with a $1000 bank in your sports book account you only have $300 left which means you now have to send in $500 to wager $800 and sending in $500 cost money with Western union which is used as fastest way with legal sports books so u can bet as soon as money is transferred ;

so lets add that $500 to your starting bank of $1000 you now have $1500 being risked in reality because you use $300 left out 1st 1000 that you lost $700 of in 1st part of chase.

Now about me i lost 100,000 's dollars from when i was a teen until i was about 28 call that high cost education in betting sports i lost an average of $220 per week.

 SO here's the only proven system for gambling on sports or any other game of chance that's been used for over 100 years by the pros of the industry also known as Wiseguys and sharps!

Realistic starting bank roll for me is $5000 for MLB season which is 24 weeks and i average wagers of $200 per week. Sometimes way more in a week like 1000$ BUT i'm keeping simple here showing a realistic bankroll for small time players it would average out to $25 per game for 8 games.

 We will do full months of wagers same odds flat even money 100 to win 100 BUT i'm using money management here i start with 5% of $5000 which equals $250 allowed per day NOT per game PER day
Day 1 we bet 250 we lost bank is reduced to $4750 now watch this 4750 X 5% = $237.50 my wager is automatically reduced $12.50 we round off to $238 for day 2 we bet we lost bank is now at $4512 X 5% = 225.60 we make that 226 for day 3 we lost again bank is now $4286 we lost total of $714 which is only 14$ more than double up chase system using 100 to start with but i have way more of bank left because i used money management so if i wanted to win $250 on 4th chase which is almost guaranteed to win according to the above chase system i only need to wager $964 BUT we do not...

 WE cannot we are restricted to 5% and after 3 losses a real pro will cut his % to avoid or survive a long losing streak which happens to anybody at any given time in any year no matter what your gambling on sports, dice, Black Jack, or poker it can happen.

BUT we stay with 5% X 4286 = 214.30 we round off to $214 ok we bet $214 won that 4th day bank is now $4500 X 5% for day 5 = $225 so now day 5 we bet $225 we do and win bank is now $4725 holy cow wait a min here what's this i'm only stuck $275 after 5 days of 1st month we still have 25 days left in month of april.

OK day 6 we bet $236 we won bank is now up 4961$ ok heres where this system is better because we take advantage of winning streaks we do not stop betting we increase our % higher by 2% or just 1% NOT doubling up our wagers because WE lost. 4961 X 7% = $347.27 we round lower to 347$ for day 7 we win and bank is now $5308 in profit after winning 4 days losing 3 a record of 4-3 = 57% wins I'm in profit $308 which is .0616 % of my starting bank or according to units + 1.6 units hmmmmmmmm lets continue on a mini win streak shall we! 

day 8 we bet $372 we win bank is now $5680 for day 9 we bet 7% of that which = $398 rounded off. we bet that and win day 9 bank is now at $6078 our record is now 6- 3 = .666% wins.
 It dosen't matter if your betting all favorites either it just means you bet more to win $1 or $100 BUT the DOGS win also and that were baseball betting is better i bet on any dog and have won on +210 + 195

 + 310 was highest that's like winning 3.1 games ok day 10 6078 X 7% = 425.46 round off to $425 we bet we win bank is now $6503 we won 7 days lost 3 for win % of 70% which is very real and can be done but never consistently.

BUT see what happend here i never doubled up my wagers at any time i only increased the % to 7% and if you double up $250 that = $500 which would be 10% of $5000 which is ludicrous.

LETS continue on shall we i'm going to show 84% wins as above system say he gets ok that would 84 games won out of 100 cant do that in 30 days we only bet that amount daily now let me see how many days i need to win achieve 84% it exactly 24.9 days to get to 83% ok 25 days won out of 30 = 83.333333% we use that this means i only lost 2 more days so lets knock them out right now so day 11 we bet 6503 X 7 % = $455

 WE lost bank is cut down to $6048 for day 11 we bet $423 we lost that also bank is down to $5625 NOTE: we are forced to reduce wager amounts when losing by using same % as before 7% i have been doing this over 43 years talk about time tested and proven here it is baby YOU ain't going to get any better than what the pros have been using and I am NOT a sharp or wiseguy i'm just regular GUY like you are!

OK now we are at day 13 we bet 7% of $5625 = $394 we bet we WON now bank is up to $6019 day 14 we bet $421 we WON = $6440 X 7% for day 15 = $451 we bet n won = $6891 X 7 % = $482 for day 16 we WON bank is now $7373.00 day 17 we can bet $516.11 we round off to $516 we bet we won = $7889. day 18 we decide to up our % to 9% to take advantage of this winning streak.

Where as a chase system does not because after YOU win YOU STOP betting and start a NEW Chase. so 7889 X 9%= $710.01 for day 19 we bet and win = new bank of $8599 X 9 % = 773.91 we round off to $774 for day 20 WE WON new bank is now $8663 X 9 % for next day = $780 day 21 we won bank is now $9443 day 22 we bet $850 n WON = $10293 pause here a min.

WE more than doubled our original starting bank HERES where you make decision you can cash out $5000 and still have $5293 left in your account. That can be done betting with a local you keep that money aside sock it away never to touch it for anything except emergencies...

BUT I need to show profit using higher % still using money management day 23 we bet $926 we won = $11219.00 X 9 % = 1010 for day 24 WE won = $12229= $1100.61 so we bet 1101 on day 24 and won =$13330 X 9 % 1199.70 = 1200 for day 25 we won new bank for final 5 days is now $14530 let go to 10% now = $1453 for day 26 we bet and won = $15983 X 10 % = 1598 on day 27 we won now we got $17,581 X 10% = $1758 on day 28 BET and WON = 19339 X 10% = 1933.90 on day 29 round up to 1934 bet and won now we got $21273 10% = 2127 bet on day 30 and we won final bank for 1st month is $23,400 I dare any Chase system to make more money that. Of course no body wins 84% of all wagers the one above is combing A & B games making it 84% 59 % in game A and 25% in B game or something like that LOL

HEY if I made up a chase system which is nothing new because there are 4 or more that already are out there! Also when you read notice that the creator says he's back testing it 5 years! Back testing what ? OOOOO yes not the games from past 5 years HIS own system saying it wins most times in game 1 and Game 2. 

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